La Güasa Circo Teatro

 La Güasa Circo Teatro
With the strong conviction that all arts have a lot in common, La Güasa Circo Teatro was born in 2005 by the hand of Pepa Gil, actress and singer, and the juggler Jose Luís Ruiz (El Belga).
From the very beginning they decided to put together their experiences along with the varied skills they manage, and create shows that works both, outdoors and indoors, being the humor one of their principal ways of expression and a fundamental key for their productions.
The different shows and activities that they have created along those years, have been performed in such diverse places like:

TAC of Valladolid, XXIX Theatre Festival of El Ejido (Almería), FIHUM (International Humor Festival of Madrid), MUECA (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), International Theatre Festival of Vildecans (Barcelona), 16 Exhibition of Theatre and Street performs of Medina del Campo (Valladolid), MAC Festival (Palencia), Bilboko Kalealdi, XVI International Festival of Street theatre of Barakaldo), Fesarca (Street Art Festival) Gandía, Fair of Theatre of the South (Palma del Rio), International Circus Festival of Sevilla CIRCADA, etc.

Receiving, for their last production “MOBIL”: FETEN Award for Best Direcction, ACA Awards for Best Individual Performance and Best Scenography, and also been nominated for Best Circus Show and Best Scenography at the 3th Andalucian Theatre Awards.

About “MOBIL”

A combination of fragility, unbalance and tension, this is the story of a simple man and a complex machine.
“MOBIL”, grounded in a two-year research project, is a risky creation our company is stepping forward with as we’re going for a medium-sized one-man silent theatrical circus show, with a personal touch to it, where the scenography comes to life and becomes an active performer in the show.
Maintaining the fusion of Circus and Theatre, on this occasion, the actor-juggler focuses on and develops his skills bouncing balls, exploring the clown’s world and interacting with his particular and surprising above-mentioned scenography.
90 % of the materials the structure’s made out of have been recycled. Although wood and iron prevail, we’ll also find bicycle wheels working as a pulley, a board from a bedframe working as a catapult, colanders reconverted to baskets for the balls, etc.
Alive, full of different chain reacting mechanisms and producing different sounds and rhythms, this scenography creates an atmosphere of expectation and suspense in the audience, besides many different situations on stage.

A familiar show where the minimum age recommended is 6 years


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