Vaivén Circo

 Vaivén Circo is born in 2008 when Raquel Pretel met Miguel Angel Moreno in the Catalan company Els Comediants. She was part of the company as a dancer, while he was a circus performer. They decide to start working together and share their knowledges about circus and dance. They produce their first show,”La felicidad en un dos por dos” (Happiness in a 2 x 2 flat), that merge both performing arts. They performed it more than 100 times. In 2009 two acrobats joined the cast, Chema Martin and Emilio Lopez Arquillo, and they started to work on their second performance: “Cayuco”. In this show also participated Ivan Monje, composer and musician, and Marta Sitjà, direction assistant, clown and live musician. “Do Not Disturb”, was premiered in December 2011 and “Des-Hábitat”, their last work, was premiered in March 2015. They are touring with both shows at the moment. The company visited some of the most important festivals in Spain and Europe like Fira de Cirq de Catalunya TRAPEZI in Reus, Fira Tarrega, CIRCADA in Seville, Festival MOBA, Ane Brz Festival in Ljibljana (Slovenia), Chalon dand la Rue (Fr), Festimome (Fr), Festival Parades in Nanterre (Fr), Festival Au Bonheur des Momes (Fr), Festival Tra Terra e Mare à Latissana (It), Festival de Théâtre in Marrakech, Greenwich Children’s Theatre Festival in London (UK), Ageas Salisbury (UK), Festival Out There (UK), Brugges Plus and Gente (Belgium), Festival Tete a Tete in Rastatt (De), Kleines Fest in Hannover (De), Cenas da Rua (Pt), International Children’s Festival Sibenik (Croatia), Circo Price in Madrid… And many more with a special mention to Shizuoka (Jp), for the World Cup of Street Theatre Artists in Daidogei, as special guest.

Vaivén Circo Tour dates 2015-2018 outside Spain:


  • 25 January, Festival PanOptikum, Nuremberg, Germany – Do Not Disturb
  • 6-8 April, Festival City of Wings, Ypres, Belgium – Do Not Disturb
  • 12 & 13 May, Festival of Making, Blackburn, UK – Do Not Disturb

  • 7 – 12 February, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), New York, USA – Do Not Disturb
  • 24 June, Homecoming!, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK – Do Not Disturb
  • 28 June, International Children’s Festival Šibenik, Croatia – Des-Hábitat

  • 24 – 26 April, The Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival – Do Not Disturb
  • 1 June, Ageas Salisbury, UK – Do Not Disturb
  • 3, 4 and 5 June, Festival Parade(s), Nanterre, France – Des-Hábitat
  • 12 – 31 July, Kleines Fest, Hannover, Germany – Do Not Disturb
  • 6 – 7 August, Straßentheater Festival in Idar Oberstein, Germany – Do Not Disturb
  • 14 September, Corn Exchange, Newbury, UK – Do Not Disturb
  • 17-18 September, Festival Out There, Great Yarmouth, UK – Do Not Disturb


  • 30 and 31 May, Greenwich Children Theatre Festival, London, UK – Do Not Disturb
  • 2 and 3 June, Tramshed in Woolwich, London, UK – Do Not Disturb
  • 5 June, Festival Les CulturiÔsités 2015, Meilhan, France – Des-Hábitat
  • 6 June, Festival CirkéZik, Bourgougnague, France – Des-Hábitat
  • 25 June, Espace 93, Clichy-sous-Bois, France – Do Not Disturb
  • 2 July, International Children’s Festival Šibenik, Croatia – Do Not Disturb
  • 7 July, Cenas Da Rua, Tavira, Portugal – Do Not Disturb
  • 18 and 19 July, FARS 2015, Place Gutenberg, Strasbourg, France – Do Not Disturb
  • 8 and 9 September, International Arts Fair Paderborn, Germany – Des-Hábitat
  • 15 December, Relais Culturel, Théâtre de Haguenau, France – Do Not Disturb

To see the complete tour schedule, click here

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